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Video SEO For YouTube Search

YouTube Video SEO

Businesses often face a challenge getting their videos to reach their target audience. The reason behind this is poor optimization. Although corporate videos tend to get fewer views than non-promotional content, good SEO practices can help enhance visibility. Here are a few video SEO tips to jumpstart your game.

Video SEO Tips For YouTube Ranking

Optimizing your video for YouTube requires a few easy steps. Start by renaming your video with your target keyword. To do this, you must have carried out keyword research to know what your intended audience is looking for. Also, ensure that it is a keyword with minimal competition. Insert the keyword naturally in the title section.

Once done, edit your video description to optimize it for search engines. Note that the average person will not read all of the 1000 characters that Google permits, so keep it short, catchy and straight to the point. Also, categorize your video through YouTube’s Advanced Settings. This will group your video with similar content on the platform.

The Impact Of Thumbnails On Video SEO

Often overlooked video SEO aspects are thumbnails. Custom thumbnails are often more engaging and increase viewership. They help pass the message about the video content instantly. The ideal image size for thumbnails is 1280×720 or a size under 2MB. Also, note that your YouTube channel must be verified before you can upload a custom thumbnail for your video.

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