How to Show Up on Google Searches

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making your website show up higher in the search engines – particularly Google. Every business in the world wants to be in the number one spot on Google for their industry. But there is just one problem – there is only ONE number one spot!

Google ranks websites based on a large number of factors (actually, in excess of 200 different factors!) so developing a top ranking website can be a complicated process. In the past, Search Revolution has been very successful in helping our small business clients to rank effectively on search engines for their most valuable “keywords” or search terms. We have a large number of clients who continue to receive ongoing leads through their websites and who have a steady stream of income as a result. However, Google is a “moving target” and search engine rankings are unpredictable – even on a good day!

While there are many different factors that affect your website’s rankings on all of the major search engines, it is always a good idea to implement “SEO Best Practices” and at the very least lay a solid foundation for Google to work with on your website. There are several things that you can do with your website to increase your chances of ranking well for your keywords and generating more leads, and we can help you set up a solid foundation as a starting point for these strategies.


While there are multiple different search engines to work with (Bing and Yahoo for example), Google is the clear dominant force when it comes to generating online search traffic for your website. The truth (and reality) about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is that it is a constantly changing landscape and a continually moving target. Google has a difficult task – as they are constantly striving for quality search results for their users, while also battling online spammers and companies trying to manipulate the search results for their clients.

For businesses interested in ranking more effectively on the search engines, there has always been two different categories of strategies you can work with. The first strategy is referred to as “White Hat SEO” – with the white hats representing the “Good Guys”. The second group of strategies is referred to as “Black Hat SEO” – which of course is referring to the “Bad Guys”. Search Revolution has always (and will always) ONLY apply White Hat SEO strategies for our clients.

In very simple terms, White Hat SEO means that you develop your website (including content and back end website information) in a way that it is very easy for Google and the other search engines to clearly determine what your website is about. By setting up key features on the website to highlight your areas of expertise (as well as your geographical region you service) you can make it easier for Google to determine who they should send to your website. As an example, if you offer painting services in Calgary, you should make it clear to Google that you offer painting services, and that your geographical target for your business is Calgary and the surrounding areas. Sounds simple enough, right?


In the past, setting up a solid foundation for Google was enough to get you decent results. It usually took more than just “the basics” to get you right to the top of the search results, but effectively implementing proper White Hat SEO strategies would usually get you some leads. Unfortunately, as more and more businesses (and SEO companies) have picked up on various strategies, things have become more competitive. So in today’s competitive online world, if you want great results, you need to “step it up a notch”.

In the big picture, Google has a primary goal of trying to deliver quality information to their users. So the easier it is for them to determine what your business is about, the more likely it is that they will display your website in the search results for your industry. But as any experienced SEO company will tell you, Google’s job is getting more difficult every day!

Below is a very simplified illustration of various factors that can affect your website’s results on Google and the other search engines. As you can see, there are multiple factors which are outside of your own website which significantly affect how relevant Google believes your website to be.


At Search Revolution, we pride ourselves on being honest and up front with our clients about everything – especially when it comes to Google and SEO. We have dozens of clients who have hired us specifically to improve their search engine rankings and who would sing our praises any day of the week. Many of them receive multiple quality leads for their business every single week. However, things are getting more competitive online and we prefer to be up front about it. We cannot guarantee specific results on Google – and anyone who tells you otherwise should be looked at very carefully!

We can help you to set up a very solid SEO foundation for your website, and we definitely recommend that this is implemented if it fits within your budget. Additionally, we can give you some guidance on additional strategies to further improve your reach on the web.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have about ranking effectively on Google.

Additionally, for a more predictable approach to guaranteed online exposure for your business, please
check out our page for Paid Advertising Campaigns on Google.

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