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Website design and development can be an intimidating process for many businesses – but it really doesn’t need to be. With an efficient and cost effective approach to website development, Search Revolution can help your business look more professional online and significantly increase your credibility in your market. Whether you run a landscaping business, an accounting firm, or a niche business that really stands out from the pack – Search Revolution has you covered!

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Below are some of the most common questions we receive from our clients as we begin the website process. We are always happy to answer any questions that you have – but hopefully this will make things easier for you! At Search Revolution, we always strive to make the process as simple (and stress free!) as possible for our clients.


Search Revolution offers several affordable website packages. Depending on your needs (and wants) for your website, we have packages starting as low as $1,750. For every one of our clients we always ask a number of questions early in the discussion to determine what is actually required for the website to be successful for you. Many businesses simply need a professionally designed online presence – and that’s it. Other businesses require multiple photo galleries and custom design features. We are always sure to ask the right questions in advance to help you decide what you really need – and what you don’t. There is no point in sinking money into website features that you either don’t need or simply won’t use! Click here for complete information about our multiple Affordable Website Packages in Calgary.


As we often tell our clients – we’re ready when you are! Historically (after years in the business) the biggest delays we now have with our websites is waiting on our clients to provide information. Whether it is gathering photos for your gallery, or writing up website content, it is typically our clients that create the biggest delays. Once we have designs approved and all of the other “ingredients” ready to go, we can cook up a website in a matter of days. Typically websites will take 3-6 weeks to create although we have built sites in less than 48 hours when the circumstances arose. If you’re in a hurry let us know and get us your stuff! We’ll get on it right away!


Yes, absolutely! We will discuss the technical details of this process with you when we get started on your website, but in 99% of cases, you will be able to use your existing website address (domain). The only exceptions to this are rare situations where you don’t actually own your current domain. Sometimes when you purchase a cheap website package online it will “include” a domain and email, but you won’t actually own that – it’s more of a rental or leasing agreement. These situations are rare, however, and typically have an option for you to buy out the domain. We will help you with this process if required, but it is usually not an issue.


A domain is a website address, such as If you have a website already, then we can likely use your existing website address for your new website. If you do not have a domain at this point, Search Revolution can help you with reviewing available options for your business, and selecting a great domain that will help you long term with your company branding and overall marketing.


Yes – of course you can! In fact, using your own original photos is a great way to have your website stand out even more from your competitors. With that being said, we have found (from a lot of experience with this!) that most of the time our clients have a lot of photos which are excellent for their photo galleries but which are not necessarily clear enough to use as large images on their website.

For example, if you run a landscaping company, there is a good chance that you have taken hundreds of project photos on your phone, but likely have never had a professional photographer come in and take amazing photos with high end equipment. The photos taken on your phone will likely look excellent in a photo gallery, but for the large image on your homepage these photos may be a little bit blurry at large size. In those situations we typically recommend using professional stock photos to ensure a crystal clear image and a great first impression to your new potential customers. For a perfect photo in a large, prominent area of your website, there are several things that are important, including proper lighting, photo dimensions and proper framing of the image.

If stock photos are necessary for your website (which they typically are to some degree) we can help you with this process to select from thousands of amazing photos that will effectively represent your business. And since we do this all the time – you will get these photos much cheaper through our corporate account.


In simple (non-technical) terms, your website needs to be “based” from somewhere. Website files need to be accessible for the internet to access, and these files will be stored on a server. When someone on the internet wants to visit your website, the server will provide the files and your website will appear. (That’s as technical as we need to get here!)

The important thing for our clients to know is – we’ll handle all of this stuff! We can set up website hosting, website domains, and everything else needed to get you up and running online. You can just relax and focus on your business!


The concept of “templates” in the web design world is quite amusing at times. Everyone seems to think that is necessary to be “one of a kind” on the web, and make sure that your website looks 100% original and different from all the rest. This just simply isn’t true!

So while we DO NOT USE TEMPLATES FOR MOST OF OUR PROJECTS we also know what our customers typically like, and we usually start with proven concepts – rather than totally re-inventing the wheel every time.

At Search Revolution, we will generally use a number of design layouts as a starting point for our clients, customizing them as needed for the particular situation. We will customize them for our client’s branding, industry, and overall personal preferences (since we all see things a little bit differently, don’t we?) However, at the end of the day, there are certain web design principles that just make sense – and SHOULD be repeated!

In our early days as a company, we used to “start from scratch” on every single project. We would just start the “ball in motion” and see where it took us. After repeatedly ending up at similar destinations we have learned a lot of things over the years.

In general terms, there are certain things that just make sense for great website designs.

After working with hundreds of small business owners over the years discussing and developing great websites, we have picked up on some undeniable patterns. So rather than ignore them we have picked up on them to make things easier for our clients. In exchange for what used to be a lot of “back and forth” on the designs, we now have design processes that get us started on the right foot for every single project.

If you work with Search Revolution for your new website – we promise you it will turn out great! We work with an incredibly talented team of designers and programmers who really understand the small business market.


Yes. Once your website is completed and final payment has been received, the website files will belong to you. We will help you to set up website hosting as needed, and we will always be available for ongoing maintenance and website updates.
At the end of the day, we want to build a long lasting relationship with our clients and continue to grow together. So while you will technically own the website, we still hope to be a part of its future success!


The simple answer to this question is – that’s totally up to you!
Over the years, this has been one of the most interesting questions that we have received on a regular basis. The reason it has been so interesting is that we commonly have the following conversation with our clients:

Client: “It’s important that we can make our own updates to the website!”

Search Revolution: “OK. Great. No problem. How often do you think you’ll make updates? What changes with your business on a regular basis that would need to be updated?”

Client: “Ummmmm…. Hmmmm…. Good point! Actually, there isn’t that much that would probably need to change very often!”

Search Revolution: “OK. Great. We just saved you a bunch of money then!”

After years of developing websites for small business owners in Calgary, we have noticed a consistent pattern around this topic. There is often the thought that you need to have immediate, instant access to your website so you can change anything on the fly. While we can certainly build that into your website (for a fee) we have found that the high majority of our clients rarely need that feature. In cases where we do build in a “Content Management System” (CMS) a lot of our clients never seem to use it, and end up phoning us to make their updates anyways. So while we can absolutely build in this option to your website, we have found that most of our clients prefer to have Search Revolution make website changes as needed (which typically isn’t very often) and as a result we can build the websites for a lower price.


While many of our clients prefer to create their own website content and information, we have learned over the years that even industry experts can’t always transform their experience into effective website text. Often, website launches will be delayed by weeks (sometimes even months!) as we wait for clients to provide the text for their websites. Eventually, once all sides are frustrated with the delays, our clients will ask us if we can help them out. With professional content writers easily accessible, we often have excellent, professional website text ready within 48 hours, and the website can move forward.

So rather than have these frustrating weeks for everyone (including a lot of pressure and stress on our clients to write a bunch of text!) we now offer professional content writing services at a very reasonable price. For only $75.00 per page, we will create cleanly flowing website content for your business, which will make you sound professional and experienced in your market. Additionally, as most websites only require a few pages of information, this is a small fee in exchange for freeing up a lot of our client’s time.

It’s up to you if you want to create your own content or have us prepare it on your behalf. We just ask that if you are going to prepare your own content that you prepare it within a reasonable period of time. Websites should be completed within 3-4 weeks of our initial starting date.


The majority of our clients are service based businesses (not product based businesses) but we have different options available if you are interested in selling products on your website. In order to process online payments directly on your website (securely) and also have the ability to update product information easily for a large database of products, your website development costs can increase significantly. As we specialize in working with small business owners (often on a tight budget) we have developed strategies to combine cost effective website development with existing software and platforms designed for E-commerce. In simple terms, we will design and build a stunning website for your marketing hub, and link that website to any online shopping platform you choose.

* In these situations, please note that you will be responsible for handling your own E-commerce set up and maintenance. Search Revolution does not provide E-commerce set up or maintenance directly, but we can refer you to some excellent providers.


Yes. It is very easy to link your website to any other websites you choose. We can also show logos or icons for other businesses (or associations) and connect those logos to the appropriate websites.


Absolutely! Linking to any of your social media channels is very easy to do. Often we will use social media icons as the links so it looks sharp and more professional. The most common social media platforms are Facebook, Linked In, Twitter and YouTube.


Google ranks websites based on a large number of factors (actually, in excess of 200 different factors!) so developing a top ranking website can be a complicated process. In the past, Search Revolution has been very successful in helping our small business clients to rank effectively on search engines for their most valuable “keywords” or search terms. We have a large number of clients who continue to receive ongoing leads through their websites and who have a steady stream of income as a result. However, Google is a “moving target” and search engine rankings are unpredictable – even on a good day!

While there are many different factors that affect your website’s rankings on all of the major search engines, it is always a good idea to implement “SEO Best Practices” and at the very least lay a solid foundation for Google to work with on your website. There are several things that you can do with your website to increase your chances of ranking well for your keywords and generating more leads, and we can help you set up a solid foundation as a starting point for these strategies. As this is a unique topic all in itself, please click here to view our page on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Social media is a growing factor in the online representation of any business. In order to effectively manage social media for any business, it is necessary to fully understand the market, competitors, and current industry trends. As this can be an incredibly time consuming activity, Search Revolution has determined that the cost required to effectively manage social media for our clients will exceed most of our client’s budgets. With that in mind, while we do not directly manage social media for any of our clients, we can connect you with industry professionals who specialize in all aspects of social media. As this is a unique skill set in itself, we choose to specialize and excel at website development and leave the posting and Tweeting to the experts!

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