WHO IS Search Revolution?

The Small Business Website Experts

Search Revolution Marketing is a Calgary based website development company that specializes in creating affordable websites for small to medium sized businesses. With several years in the business and happy clients numbering into the triple digits, we are confident in our position in the market.It’s actually pretty simple:


Search Revolution believes that small business owners and start ups deserve to have a professional looking website – even if they are on a tight budget. After years of hearing our client’s stories, we understand the most common scenarios for small businesses starting out. As a new business, cash flow is always a factor and you need to be careful with your costs. So unfortunately many businesses try to “cheap out” on their websites – hurting themselves (and their businesses) in the process. There are always “cheap” ways to get things done. So many of our clients have had their first websites created by a “friend of a friend” or someone who builds the occasional website “on the side”. Unfortunately that rarely creates the end product they were looking for..


Search Revolution has always felt that small business owners have been unfairly underserved when it comes to website development. While there are some truly amazing companies out there who can design mind blowing websites – they also come with a serious price tag attached. Small businesses simply cannot afford to spend $10,000 to $15,000 on a website when they are starting out – so their options often feel quite limited..

After designing and developing websites for a significant number of small business owners in the Calgary area, Search Revolution has developed an efficient and cost effective approach to website design and development..

Whether you need a very simple and straightforward website to give you online credibility, a gallery based site to showcase your projects, or a completely custom solution that really fits your business, we can probably help you out.

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